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The inflationary use of the term digital creates confusion and uncertainty. Our customers and their IT organisations are struggling to understand what digitisation means to them, where to start and how to support their core business best. As a result we see a number of uncoordinated initiatives, some creating shadow IT, others representing a potential security risk. This situation is a big challenge and requires fundamental changes in the way our customers operate their IT, and also their core business processes.

Computacenter “makes digital work” for our customers. We are working with the users, the CIO and the core business to understand their requirements and translate them into a technology platform that will support both existing and future needs. The efficiencies of this platform free up resources and ensure that our customers can consciously manage this change process and at the same the IT organisation becomes a true contributor to growth and profitability.


To do so, we have developed 3 propositions, addressing the 3 fundamental aspects of IT: Edge, Core and Security.

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DigitalMe puts the user at the centre of the Digital Workplace. We create a working environment that supports that very specific role, making the user more efficient and productive. In addition, DigitalMe is a catalyst to communication and collaboration ensuring our customers monetise their data and information across all units and geographies. With DigitalMe we don’t just “throw” technology at the user but select it carefully based on specific requirements and only stop the adoption process when the users have changed the way they work and really make the most of the new workplace.

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DigitalPower is the Computacenter response to hybrid IT. We integrate and manage IT resources (traditional DC, private and public clouds) seamlessly based on the requirements of the current and future applications landscape. DigitalPower enables DevOps processes and methodologies to help our customers develop new applications in an agile manner but under consideration of operational aspects such as security and automation. Our platform is the energy and catalyst for all future Digital Agenda Initiatives, by being scalable, flexible and adaptable for future technologies.

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DigitalTrust is our antidote to the uncertainity created by the increasing number of threats and security breeches as well as the prevailing opinion that security is an inhibitor to innovation and change. We designed DigitalTrust to create a safe and secure IT environment. An environment that supports both user communication and collaboration as well as a flexible hybrid IT platform that includes public cloud resources and is ready to quickly adopt changes and innovative requirements of the core business.

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