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Audio Visual

Audio-visual solutions enable smarter interactions and richer information sharing

Audio Visual

The digital workplace thrives on information – but it needs to be shared, discussed and even annotated to deliver maximum value.

Computacenter brings information to life with interactive and collaborative audio-visual solutions that inform, inspire and engage customers and colleagues. We transform meeting rooms. We optimise public spaces. We enrich workplaces. 

From digital signage in retail branches to video walls in operation centres, Computacenter helps organisations communicate and collaborate more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Holistic solutions to meet different users’ needs

With a 20-year track record, we provide trusted advice, pragmatic solutions and flexible commercials. Our team of 100-plus experts provide support at every stage of the audio-visual lifecycle – from procurement and design to deployment and support.  

We ensure every implementation maps to the needs of not only the business but also the users – whether they are passengers in an airport lounge, employees in a boardroom, or students in a lecture hall.

With end-to-end IT expertise, Computacenter looks beyond the screens, projectors, and whiteboards to provide a truly holistic solution. We also work with our customers to ensure they have the right intelligent infrastructure foundations, building management solutions and content management platforms needed to maximise the performance of their audio-visual assets.  

Driving greater productivity and competitive advantage

As audio-visual solutions become more strategic, we help organisations make smarter investment choices, deliver richer support services, and develop sharper management processes.

Our partner relationships give us a unique view into product roadmaps, which means we can provide informed advice and develop future-proofed solutions for our customers.

By combining established technologies with emerging tools, such as visual analytics for digital signage and integrated lighting solutions for meeting rooms, we ensure an exceptional user experience whatever the space or scenario.

Why Computacenter?

By working with Computacenter to maximise the potential of audio-visual solutions, organisations can transform interactions and unlock information gateways. This helps to boost productivity, accelerate decision-making, and drive stronger competitive advantage.

Computacenter’s Audio-Visual credentials

We have relationships with a wide range of audio-visual vendors and have achieved premier, platinum, and gold partner status with key providers including Cisco, Extron, Harman, LG, NEC, Philips, Scala and Samsung.

Our Customer Experience Center and Global Solutions Center provide organisations with risk-free environments for benchmarking different audio-visual technologies and evaluating the user experience.

We work with our customers to develop sustainable audio-visual solutions that minimise power consumption and the associated carbon footprint.

We have longstanding relationships with customers in all key industry sectors, and have deployed more than 250,000 large format displays.

As part of our Computacenter Recommends service, we pre-test popular products so our customers can balance quality, reliability and functionality with their budget.


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